Bufo’s music


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Bufo’s music is a tender, poetic tale that has been turned into an iPad App from the book.

It is interactive and full of things to discover and listen to Bufo is an awkward and unfortunate toad who lives a life of loneliness.

He is ignored by his own kind and he can’t seem to find his own place in the world.

One day though, an chance encounter with music and a group of insects changes his life forever.


  • taken from the original book “La musica di Bufo” published by Kite Edizioni
  • text Zak Baldisserotto
  • illustrations de Roberta Zeta
  • idea and development Paramecio Studio
  • musiques Zak Baldisserotto
  • voice: italien, Amanda Clay; french, Florence Camporesi; english Vanessa Summers


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