Red for love

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To find love you have to look for it: maybe in places where you thought you’d never expect to find it, possibly even very close by.
This little red bird has been looking for someone to share its flight with for a long time but despite its relentless determination it must face countless hurdles to reach its ambitious goal.
After various unsuccessful attempts one could easily give up.
But sometimes it’s not worth throwing in the towel because life might hold some surprises.

Valentina Mai, writer and illustrator, offers us a tale both ironic and poetic with expressive yet simple drawings.
Kite Edizioni give us the interactive book for iPhone and iPad.

So we can play with Red everywhere.


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  • beautifully illustrations by Valentina Mai
  • Interactivity and sounds on every page
  • Graphic index
  • Book recommended from age 3.
  • The app is in english, italian and french.